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Brief Introduction (1 hour): $800

Minimum for an Outcall (90min): $1300

Intense moment (2hours): $1800

My favorite Dinner Date (3hours): $3000

Delightful Dinner (4 hours): $3700

Dream Date (6hours): $5000

Dates with 3 hours or more must include a 90 minutes meal or social interaction)


Overnight (12 hours): $8000 - 7 hours of sleep is required

Non-stop adventure (24 hours): $10000

Weekend getaway (48 hours): $16000

For more informations about it please send me an e-mail.


- Outcall: 30% in advance is required, no excuses.

- For longer engagements please

- Exclusive arrangements starts at: $35000

Fly Me To You

East Coast

4 hours minimum is required: $4000 + travel expenses


West Coast

6 hours minimum is required: $6000 + travel expenses


- 50% in advance by Zelle + 4 or 5 starts Hotel + tickets (First Class) are required.

- All expenses must be covered by yourself.

- I will require at least 1 week in advance notice.


Note: You must pay in advance and then I book the hotel and get my tickets in my name.

I am available for domestic travels. Happy to be your companion in your relaxing time like a vacation or business trip.

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